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Whub is a resource to study functional Trp(W)-containing motifs in animal, plant and viral proteins.

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PWM-based approach

Tryptophan is crucial for the interaction, and the contributions of its two adjacent amino-acid residues are more important than residues at more distant surrounding position.

The implementation of such a model follows the basic idea behind position weight matrix (PWM). In this way, Trp is assumed as a midpoint of the matrix, and likelihoods of all other non-tryptophan amino acid spread along more distant positions in both directions from the central residue.

Whub a portal to study functional W-containing motifs in animal, plant and viral proteins.

Glycine/tryptophane (GW) proteins are strictly required in siRNA- and miRNA-mediated gene silencing in all Eukaryotes. GW protein interacts with its functional partner Argonaute proteins (AGO) via WG/GW motifs and form an effector complexes known as RISC.

Whub offers a suite of tools to study functional W-containing motifs in animal, plant and viral proteins. Read more

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New AGO-binder: NEF from HIV-1.

Two short GW motifs bind human AGO2. One motif is sufficient for the binding.

Jan 2017
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Zielezinski A. & Karlowski WM.
Integrative data analysis indicates an intrinsic disordered domain character of Argonaute-binding motifs.
Bioinformatics. Bioinformatics. 2015 31(3):332-9. PubMed

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